Handicap Van Rental Features and Information

Each of the wheelchair accessible vans for rent in Florida through the Ocean Conversions are properly inspected and monitored to ensure clients that they will receive Braun Wheelchair Accessible Rentals that are safe, comfortable, and reliable to use. Clients can choose a van that has a rear or a side entry depending on their preferences. Many of the handicap vans for rent include the standard BraunAbility 11'' lowered floor, low mileage with wheelchair tie-down system.

Your Option to Rent to Buy

After renting a handicap van, most clients will realize how wheelchair vans offer a new found freedom of mobility. This is the reason why we are very happy to credit one weeks rental toward the cost, to allow clients to purchase their own wheelchair van within a month of returning the rental van. This provides a maximum discount of $650. This is a great opportunity for customers who would like to try out the vehicle first before committing to a final purchase.

The Wonderful Benefits of Renting Wheelchair Vans In Florida

  • Great for medical transportation
  • Good for temporary disabilities
  • Part of workers compensation & rehabilitation
  • Has long term rental after a vehicle accident given by the auto insurance coverage
  • Accessible vacations and trips around Florida
  • Provides better equipment transfer
  • Allows testing before buying

Wheelchair Van Rental Rates

1-3 Day Rental

Vehicle to be picked up and returned during business hours. Price does not include sales tax.

$125.00 /day
4-6 Day Rental

Minimum of 4 days. Vehicle to be picked up and returned during business hours. Price does not include sales tax.

$94.00 /day
Weekly Rate

Rate: $84.00 per day. Minimum of 7 days. Vehicle to be picked up and returned during business hours. Price does not include sales tax.

$588.00 /day
Monthly Rate

Rate: $74.00 per day. Minimum of 30 days. Vehicle to be picked up and returned during business hours. Price does not include sales tax.

$2,220.00 /30 days

Terms & Conditions

Cancellation Policy

The wheelchair van rental can be cancelled within 2 weeks of the rental date to receive their deposit back. However, we require clients to let us know if there are any plans of cancelling the rental in order for us to make the vehicle available for another customer.

Returning the Handicap Vans

During the return of the handicap van, we require customers to replenish the gas at the same level where it was picked up or delivered. If the vehicle was returned below this level, Ocean Conversions will charge for the gas refill, additional $6.50 per gallon fee.

Cleaning Charges

If the wheelchair van needs more than the standard cleaning such dusting, vacuuming, and exterior washing, a $200 charge will be imposed for the additional maintenance of the vehicle.

Other Important Info and details about the Handicap Van Rental Features

  • No Smoking Policy - smoking is strictly prohibited in the rental vans. A $200 fee for cleaning will be charged for non-compliance of this rule.
  • Vans are only to be driven in Florida Only.
  • Wheelchair Drivers - all disabled drivers are eligible to drive the wheelchair van as long as the individual is capable of transferring in and out of their wheelchair and into the driver's position without any use of hand controls.
  • Multiple drivers are officially recognized as long as each party is detailed on the rental contract with Ocean Conversions & Mobility. Aside from this, each driver should have a license and is covered within the renter's insurance policy.

We know that you will be happy with the wheelchair van rentals we provide. So if you have any inquiries or details to clarify, you can contact us at 800-464-8458.

Florida Wheelchair Accessible Van Rental Common Questions

Florida wheelchair van rentals are important in allowing you to have independence and freedom in going to any place that you like. We provide complete rental services and solutions that include dealing with temporary disability, filling a gap during a handicap van repair, and trying out a new wheelchair van to determine whether it suits the client's preferences.

It is one of our objectives to provide important wheelchair van rental details in order to for clients to achieve successful experience in wheelchair accessible rentals.

The Process on How to Rent Handicap Vans

  • Choose the best wheelchair rental van that suits your needs.
  • Reserve the dates of your conversion van rental.
  • Provide the important driver and insurance information.

Choosing the Perfect Wheelchair Van

There are already a lot of commercial minivans available in the market. These vans range from Braun to Viewpoint. There are basically three general designs of handicap van rentals that we provide to our customers. We continuously add vehicles to our selection in order to provide clients with the best possible condition. Here are some of the wheelchair accessible rental vans that we offer.

  • Side-Entry with Lowered Floor Minivan Braun
  • Personal Use with Raised Roof Full Size Van - VMI/Tuscany
  • Rear-Entry with Lowered Floor Minivan Viewpoint
  • Commercial Wheelchair Vans

Important details in assessing the fit of the Conversion Van Rental

  • How many passengers do you intend to have?
  • Do you need any storage room for luggage?
  • How big is the wheelchair user from base to the top of the head when seated?
  • How wide is the wheel-to-wheel measurement of the wheelchair?
  • An overall width of 29 3/4'' wheel to wheel measurement will fit in all types of vehicles. Larger chairs will already require full sized vans.
  • Is the total weight of the wheelchair and its occupant over 750 pounds?
  • Are there any special devices or equipment that require any extra handling?

We encourage you to go over these questions in order to determine the type of handicap van rental that you will need for your wheelchair or mobility scooter.

What is the kind of condition and age are Ocean Conversions handicap rental vans?

  • Our wheelchair rental vans are always in good condition. We always see to it that they are cleaned and maintained frequently and properly. In fact, we immediately remove them from our rental selection if ever we spot a malfunction or problem that can affect our client's safety and security.
  • Aside from this, we also remove the vehicle from the fleet if it already exceeds 60,000 miles. This allows comfortable, reliable, and safe driving.

Are the available wheelchair vans easy to use? Will there be someone to guide and instruct us on how to use it?

  • Wheelchair van rentals been used by clients with ease for a many years. If you can open and unlock the door of the car, then, you can also easily operate the ramp.
  • Providing security to the wheelchair occupant is considered to be one of our biggest challenges. This is why we have equipped every van with the best wheelchair tie downs to make the traveling more secure.
  • We are also very open to help you in anyway possible. We can assist you on how to utilize the wheelchair tie down system to make you feel more comfortable in during your handicap van rental period.

Is it possible to leave our car with you?

Yes, if you are already ready to take one of our rental handicap vans, you can always leave your car safely inside our parking lot.

I am a driver but with a disability, is it possible for me to use your handicap rental van?

Yes! If you are the driver and you are able to move from your wheelchair to the driver's seat without assistance, then you are certainly eligible. Our rental vans do not offer hand controls. Hand controls can however be found in our vans for sale.

Must I make a deposit before renting a Handicap van?

Yes we require a deposit in order to rent a van from us.

How do you charge for the rental?

The charges are made when you are picking up the van. Any other additional cost are charged on your credit card when you return the van. However, if you are outside our service area, you will be required to make payment of the full rental amount before picking up the wheelchair van for rent.

How Safe are your Wheelchair vans considering my situation?

The safety of each individual that uses our wheelchair accessible rentals is always guaranteed. Each and every one of the Ocean Conversion handicap vans is taken through a very strict and stringent process of inspection. This ensures that maximum safety is prioritized. It is also important to add that we also include a backup for the wheelchair ramp in case any power problems occur.