We sell, install and service almost all brands of hand controls on the market today including: MPD, Viegel and Sure-Grip. With methods such as push-pull, push-rock plus your traditional action hand control. At Ocean Conversions, your safety is our number one concern, that is why all our service technicians are factory trained and certified to install your next hand control.

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Accelerator/Brake Guard 3571S

The Accelerator Brake/Guard is recommended by driver evaluators to be used with ...hand controls. It protects the driver from inadvertently resting their foot on the accelerator or brake pedal. It also shields the driver from unintentionally placing their foot under either pedal. The Accelerator/Brake Guard is s...

MPD Accelerator Guard

This product protects you from inadvertently resting your foot on the accelerato...r. It installs quickly and easily and it mounts on the same base bracket as the left foot accelerator pedal. It's also detachable, so other drivers can use your vehicle. It is recommended for use with hand controls....

MPD Accelerator / Brake Guard Lowered Floor

This control prevents the driver from inadvertently pressing the accelerator or ...brake pedal or placing a foot underneath either pedal. Used in lowered floor minivans.

MPD Accelerator / Brake Guard

This pedal guard prevents the driver from inadvertently pressing the accelerator... or brake pedal or placing a foot underneath either pedal. Has more clearance then our Standard Accelerator/Brake Guard.

Veigel Accelerator / Brake Guard with Trim

An important safety element that prevents unintentional use of pedals. The Veige...l Pedal Guard solution is stylish and safe. This pedal guard can be removed in seconds with out the use of tools when an ambulatory driver uses the vehicle. Universal and vehicle specific applications available....